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End October 2009
: Great weather, but the autumn is casting it's clouds.



Before Renovation:

Veranda in detail: our aunt with visitor (before renovation)

View from main entrance of the garden (before renovation)

View from the fireplace room of the garden (before renovation)

The renovation - The outer mantle stays, but the inside is totally NEW:

State by the end of May 2006:

State by the mid of May 2006:

The new windows are inserted!


State by the end of March 2006:


Demolition of the adjacent building


Our Papa: "Top" principal.

Family and friends tackle (from left to right: Paul, Thomas and Rainer)

The inside of the future Suite


Nov 2008
: The autumn has arrived.

Nov 2008
: The stone slabs are placed.

July 2008: Vines, strawberries, black currant and raspberries are growing well

The pavillon is a shadowy and comfortable place to enjoy your time.

A little is still left to do: to lay stone slabs on the walking path




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